You Have No Idea Where Camels Come From



Camels in the Arctic, yeah a number of million years ago, the same features of the camel today that help it survive in the dessert could be the same fixtures that helped the camels back then survive in the Arctic. Researchers have evidence that camels lived way up in Canada’s most north territory, now home to polar bears and grey wolves. So the same features that helped the camel withstand the cold, are the same fixtures that later helped camels that came after, survive in the desert. How mind boggling is that?!. The Arctic camel was much larger too, it is said 30% larger then the desert varieties we have today. The traits that modern camels have that could have been useful to the Artic camel include: the wide, flat feet that are useful for walking on sand, could also have been useful for walking on snow. The camels hump serves as a storage for fat, this feature could have been useful for an animal that had to survive six months of cold winter. And the camels large eyes could also be suitable for seeing in low light. It is said that the temperatures in the Arctic then were 14 to 22 degrees warmer then they are today, but still it was chilly and slightly below freezing in the camels native forest and half of the year, the world was in darkness for 24 hours. It is said that despite the strong association with the Middle East and Africa, the first camels actually came from North America 45 million year ago.

Watch this interesting talk by Radiolab’s Latif Nasser as he tells the surprising story of how a very tiny, very strange fossil turned the way he sees camels, and the world.

Source: Giant Ancient Camels Roamed the Arctic.


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