White Power Groups Coming Together, Census Bureau Projects Whites Will Be A Minority Within Three Decades.




White extremist are not great at working together for their offensive common cause. They get into fights with their fellow members causing them to leave one group and create a brand new one. But white power groups in Georgia are willing to set their differences aside to come together due to fear that the white race will not dominate in the future, as the Census Bureau projects whites will be a minority within three decades. The white power groups are made up of multiple extremist groups.

There are watchdog groups that monitor these hate organizations and what they have observed is that these groups have been trying for quite sometime to ban together, to give people the illusion that they are larger then they really are in reality. 

Leaders of these hate groups though think this time its different as they follow far-right European groups that have learned to work together rather than bicker over ideology, theology and organizational structure. A group called the Nationalist Front even dropped their use of the swastika to come across more appealing. Another group called the American Alliance of Klans was created just this year in March.

These groups though are unwilling to provide membership numbers, for now we are given the assurance that none of them are huge. 

Both the Nationalist Front and the Alliance of Klans are said to be but a shadow of the United Klans of America, an Alabama-based group that claimed membership in the thousands in the 1960s and was blamed for the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four black girls. It was disbanded in 1987 after the Klan murder of a black man resulted in criminal convictions and a lawsuit that bankrupted the group.

For now though, the biggest worry is not new formed supremacist alliances but single hate based websites that can reach millions.





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