Union Day celebrations cancelled by Tanzania President, instead he wants the funds for the event to be spent on building roads



african-currency-1219146_960_720Tanzania President, John Magufuli is staying true to his plan of bettering Tanzania. Recently “The Bulldozer President” cancelled Union day celebrations that were to occur on the 26 of April. 2 billion Tanzania shillings, almost 1 million USD, was set aside for the festivities that day, but instead Magufuli cancelled the party plans and wants the funds to be used to expand a congested road in Mwanza.

Earlier in his presidency, Magufuli cancelled Independence day celebrations in December, and instead urged the public to clean up the country, and the president himself was pictured participating and picking up rubbish.

Since coming into office, Magufuli has cracked down on unnecessary public spending. He suspended foreign travel for all ministers except the President, Vice-President and Prime Minister. He fired a number of port officials in December 2015 that allowed thousands of containers entering the port to go missing without them being charged tax. And recently, the President announced that he plans on cutting the salaries of senior civil servants, some earning $18 thousand USD per month, to $7 thousand USD.


Source. Newsweek.com

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