The Continued Dangers of Energy Drinks


energy_drink_drawing A new study warns of the dangers of energy drinks, researchers in Australia found drinking more then two energy drinks a day significantly increased heart rate palpitations and chest pain. What is even more concerning is that adding alcohol actually slows the breakdown of caffeine in energy drinks therefore increasing the concentration to dangerous levels.

Conclusions made after the study: Reports of caffeine toxicity from energy drink consumption are increasing, particularly among adolescents, warranting review and regulation of the labelling and sale of these drinks. Educating adolescents and increasing the community’s awareness of the hazards from energy drinks is of paramount importance.

“The intended effects of energy drinks are to provide sustenance and improve performance, concentration and endurance. Manufacturers pitch their product to athletes, students and people in professions that require sustained alertness. These drinks are also commonly consumed at dance parties, which require sustained energy for prolonged activity into late hours. In this setting, they may also be combined with alcohol and recreational drugs such as ecstasy (MDMA; 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) or other amphetamines. Young adults and adolescents are particularly attracted to energy drinks because of effective product marketing, peer influence and a lack of knowledge of the potential harmful effects.”


Energy drinks: health risks and toxicity

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