The Ankole Longhorn cattle


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Ankole-Watusi, also known as Ankole Longhorn cattle are among the most striking members of the cattle kingdom, you cannot pass them without admiring their physique. Cattle too have their own tribes, and the Ankole-Watusi are a part of the Sanga family(a breed of cattle found in Africa). The breeding between Edgyptian longhorn cattle from Africa and Zebu Longhorn cattle from India is what makeup the nature of the Santa family of cattle. In Africa, cattle can be thought of as a currency, they represent their owners economical state and their influence in the community. But it’s not enough the number of cattle you have, their appearance also matters like the fixtures of the cattles horns, how they are shaped and their grandness is important.

The horns of the Ankole-Watusi are a part of the adaptation process, they became a part of these cattle to tackle hot temperatures by having the heat spread out to keep them cool. It is said that the most impressive of the Ankole cattle are those that come from Eastern Africa, from places such as Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi. 

The name “Ankole-Watsu” is a combination of cattle that come from the Uganda tribes people(Nkole)called Ankole and cattle from Rwanda and Burundi tribes people(Tutsi) called Watusi. These two types of cattle when they were transported to Europe and then America later on, they bred amongst each other forming Ankole-Watusi cattle.

About 80% of the 1500 Ankole-Watusi cattle outside of Africa can be found in America, either owned by United States zoos or people who breed them.

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