South African Opera Singer Mthetho Maphoyi

As American Idols in its 15th season and very last season nears its end, still stars continue to be born everyday and some get the lucky opportunity to be discovered and their talent shared with the world.

Mthetho Maphoyi is one of those stars. He is from South Africa. Mtheto was discovered by Dirk Blazer, a pianist who found Mthetho on the street singing with aopera-singer-151746_960_720 group of friends. To Mr Blazer’s utter amazement, he was singing Italian songs and he himself happened to love Italian repertoire. Mthetho had the best voice of the group, Dirk could not help himself and right there told Mthetho that they should work together. Mthetho singing Italian music and Dirk on piano, they combined their talents and started doing gigs at various locations including Italian restaurants. When Mthetho was only four years old, his father abandonedĀ the family but left a Cd with Italian songs. It was the great Luciano Pavarotti’s Cd, with him singing italian music, a language that was strange at first to Mthetho. He may have not understood what Pavarrotti was singing but he was moved by the music, it made him want to sing it. Also what drew him to the Cd was the sentimental value it had, it belonged to his father, he always wanted to be around him and learn from him and have him see him grow. Mthetho and his friends would sing in the choir at school and decided to start singing in town because they felt other people too liked their music, they received applause from people and adoration for what they were doing. A friend entered his name for the Voice Academy, a school for talented black singers where they are trained in classical music and opera, and out of over a hundred applicants, Mthetho was selected.

“Music is natural to me, its a part of who i am. As a kid it gave me something and it comforted me. As i was growing up, it gave me something to share.”

In this powerful Ted Talk, Mthetho explains his life in depth, he talks about his trials as well as his triumphs:

The power of listening: Mteto Maphoyi at TEDxTeen

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