Ted Williams: The Man with the Golden Voice



Ted Williams named the ‘Golden Voice’ gained his fame 5 years ago. The Columbus Dispatch posted a video online of Williams who was holding a card board microphone-394735_960_720sign asking for donations at the side of the road, in the video he was asked to say something with his great radio voice, and from there the video went viral and Williams voice was heard around the world. With fame though came all types of trials, Williams battled with alcohol and drug dependency, he went to rehab and even wrote a memoir. In late 2014, Williams admitted that he had an apartment but no furniture, no car, and nothing left from the $395,000 advance for his memoir. This new year though, at 58 years old, the Golden Voice is making a comeback, his got a new job co-hosting a radio show on Columbus called ‘The Praise.’ Scott Anthony is Williams new manager and co-host,his playing a key role in Williams new start. This is how Anthony describes the current Williams, “He’s definitely changing, he’s getting better. It’s still a journey to teach him to be a responsible person with his finances.” Williams says that he hasn’t used drugs since Aug. 6, 2011. He described how his new job allows him to look forward to something when he gets up in the morning, it provides a sense of much needed normalcy that he needed. For now, Williams is just trying to focus on the radio commitment and he hopes his repeated attempts at trying to turn his life around, inspires others like him to also  keep trying to turn their life around.

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