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With its rogue landscapes and unparalleled animal life, Africa is the second largest continent in the world and a photographers heaven.

As the Continent paces itself to catch up with the developing world, this allows it to hold on as long as it can to its most inspiring, breath-taking spots on the planet earth!.

Let’s take a look at what Africa has to offer:

1.The Great Wilderbeest Migration, Tanzania


If adventure is just waiting to burst out of you, the great wildebeest migration in Tanzania will most certainly satisfy that part of you. The thunderous sound of hooves on dirt as more than a million wildebeest and several hundred thousand zebra make their annual migration, is definitely among the top things to witness in one’s life time.

The animals move from Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Reserve in January, up through the Serengeti around June and hit Kenya’s Masai Mara around September, before journeying south again.

       More info at www.kibiratours.comwww.wildwatch.com

 2. If views is what you out for, then Table Mountain in South-Africa has definitely got  plenty


The beautiful scene of Table Mountain and its surrounding make for a great combination for taking photos.

Cable cars are also available to get a closer look at the top, giving great views, fantastic sunrises/sunsets and a great photo to capture the unforgettable moment. Make sure you have enough space in your camera because you will definitely be drawn into taking a lot of pictures!.

More info at www.tablemountain.net

3. A close encounter with mountain gorillas in Uganda


Gorilla Trek within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda where mountain gorillas are the foremost reason as to why very many people visit Uganda.

On the other hand, Uganda is recognized as a much secured and more so protected country in which you can see these Gorillas in a peaceful atmosphere.

More info at www.kibiratours.comwww.rwandagorillassafari.com

4. Only one word describes this site in Zambia and that is Majestic!


Victoria falls is one of the worlds most majestic water spectacles.  Down below with the 108-meter-high cascade above, you will be refreshingly sprayed as the water hits bottom flowing at an impressive 12,800 cubic meters per second!. That is said to be double that of Niagara’s highest flow.

More info at www.zambiatourism.com

5. Coming to a point, up next is the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex.


Man made, its sides are oriented exactly to the north, south, east and west.

The most accepted construction hypotheses of how this great pyramid came to be, is based on the idea that it was built by moving huge stones from a quarry and dragging and lifting them into place!.

More info at www.gotoegypt.org

6.For bird enthusiasts, the flamingos located in Tanzania’s Lake Manyara National Park is an impressive sight


Manyara National Park is best known for its variety of birds that include flamingos, pelicans and cormorants, but it is also the home for a few hundred other species of birds.

It is therefore a paradise for ornithologists, a great spot for bird watching and home to a large diversity of wildlife.

More info at www.kibiratours.com

7. Get a chance to see the remaining black and white rhinos at Solio Reserve, Kenya


Solio Reserve is home to around 250 black and white rhinos and considered the best place to see these increasingly rare species.

More info at www.jacadatravel.com

8.How about a bit of mountain trekking on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s Highest peak and one of the most common items on everyone’s bucket list to take on and concur.

The snow-capped mountain is also an extinct volcano. Trek to the summit, a tough but endlessly rewarding achievement.

More info at www.tanzaniaparks.com, www.kibiratours.com

9. Fresh water diving in Lake Malawi, Malawi


Lake Malawi, one of the largest lakes in the world, was dubbed “Lake of Stars” by Dr. David Livingstone, who trekked here a century and a half ago.

The lake has more tropical fish than any lake in the world — 1,300 species — and the freshwater diving is great.

The bio-diversity has been recognized by UNESCO, which has made Lake Malawi National Park, the world’s first freshwater park, a World Heritage Site.

More info at www.malawitourism.com

10. An almost out of this world experience, the Nyiragongo Volcano in Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo


A whooping 2 kilometers wide and still quite active, Mount Nyiragongo is located inside Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

More info at www.volcanolive.com

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