Superficial Twin Sisters Can’t Get Past Looks


“Looks are a huge part of our society and in the dating scene, appearance is often the first thing that singles are drawn to. Steve welcomed two sisters who say the guys they date must have a certain physical appearance – the right face and the right body. Steve set them up with two men that met all of their qualifications, but there was a twist. The men were disguised, giving the illusion that they weren’t as attractive, in hopes that the girls would get to know them for who they are, instead of what they look like.”

twins facial expression
facial expression the twins make when Steve describes the guys as not necessarily being good looking

Steve Harvey describes the men as quality guys, very successful with great personality but not necessarily a ten on the looks chart.






Steve wanted to see if the Twins could see past what the guys looked liked on the surface, the ladies go on a date with the guys that Steve Harvey has set them up with. Here we go:

twin on date 1
“We are here to meet some amazing guys. We are looking for some first round picks.”
First guy walks into the restaraunt
First guy walks into the restaurant, his name is John
Twins reaction to first guy like "what jst walked in here?"
Twins reaction to first guy like “what just walked in here?” Twin on the left, her name is Ty, twin on the right her name is Kay


They don’t seem very impressed. John was set up with Ty. She describes him as not her type just based on looks alone before she even gets into conversation with the guy and gets to know him. She cant help but notice his hair, she cant get past it. Kay throws some shade and says “Am not into Dr Phil” comparing the first guy to Dr Phil.

shade "Am not into Dr Phil."
shade “Am not into Dr Phil.”










Second guy walks in
Second guy walks in, his name is Christian


His set up with Kay.

guy 2
Kay’s first impression of the guy “Holy moly, i don’t like…moles.”










Steve definitely threw a curve ball at the ladies because they were expecting some fine looking guys. The guys were in on it as well, they knew how they looked was a surprise to the ladies. Ty doesn’t feel an instant connection with John, but she was willing to give the date a shot as the guys seemed very nice.

what do you do
John is asked what it is that he does for a living and he says that he is a Senior principle consultant for a technology firm. The twins response “That’s nice.”
chrtian what do you do
Christian was next, he was asked the same question, what does he do, and he says he is actually one of the up and coming real state agencies in Atlanta.












The twins acknowledge that the jobs the guys described seem great. So can the twins look past their looks?.

"They seem like they have great jobs, but for some reason there's a hault on connection." Tye says
“They seem like they have great jobs, but for some reason there’s a halt on connection for me,” Ty says.


Ty asks John if he works out, and the guys play it off like they don’t get into the gym much knowing that the ladies like athletic guys, so they are messing with their heads.

The ladies feeling themselves give the guys a mini pep talk aboutr the gym, how "they gotta put their mind to it," and for motivation they should look at instagram pictures
The ladies feeling themselves give the guys a mini pep talk about the gym, how they gotta put their mind to it and for motivation they should look at Instagram pictures. Working out seems very important to the twins and the guys playing off that they are not into the gym seems to be another turn off for them.


The ladies are asked if they are into sports and they mention their love for the NFL and the NFL guys.Christian reveals to Kay that he use to be a football player back in the day, Ty repeats “used to be” and Kay sarcastically asks “what happend.”

Shots fired, "what happened." side eye
Shots fired, “what happened?” side eye.
Tye in the begining remember was expecting first round picks, now that she has seen the guys and conversed with them a little bit she decribes them as walkers, kay throws in that they are free agents.
Ty in the beginning remember was expecting first round picks, now that she has seen the guys and conversed with them, she compares the guys to NFL players and describes them as walkers not athletes, Kay throws in that they are more like free agents.


So now in the middle of the date, they twins give their thoughts on the guys. They describe them as “nice,” but both feel like the chemistry is not there. The date continues and Kay with no shame in her game, asks Christian how much he makes. Christian thrown off by the question had to laugh for a minute and beforer he could catch his breath Kay goes on furthure to ask how many bedrooms the guy has in his house. John asks Kay “Why is that important?”

Why is that important?
“Why is that important?”
Kay plays it off that she is just playing, that she is not being serious
Kay plays it off that she is just playing, that she is not being serious.


John wanting to kind of walk in Ty’s mind asks her where she sees herself in five years?. Ty responds “With someone amazing.” John asks Ty how she determines if a guy is amazing “How do you measure that?” and Ty responds that it depends on the connection.

the guys thoughts
At this point in the date the guys describe the twins as being closed off, the twins seem to have their guards up, and they seem to have tuned guys out, like they were turned off.


John asks Kay where she sees herself in five years, and Kay responds “i see myself continuing to be amazing.” like wow, like really. Somehow the conversation moves to horoscopes. Kay asks Christine what is his horoscope? Christian responds “Capricorn.” and Kay makes an unimpressed face. Turns out that John is also a Capricorn. The guys fist bump as they are both Capricorns while the ladies roll their eyes. Kay says “speaking about signs, i got the sign early on that this is not the one.”

Ty asks John what type of woman is he looking for, and he describes qualities that he hopes to find like “loyalty, trustworthiness, loving, and beauty that comes from the inside out.”

All of a sudden, Ty in response to how John answered the question starts talking about this awesome friend that she has that would be perfect for John, OUCH! and of course it sound like a pass off, and John picks up on it. John says “i was really looking forward to getting to know you, am assuming that you are not into me?” Ty responds, “i wouldn’t say that, totally.”

Kay throws the same line at Christian that she too has somebody for him.

I have somebody for you
I have somebody for you


The twins “We have friends that they would be perfect with.”

The guys thank the Twins for coming out with them, and the twins try not to make them feel bad by telling the,  “You guys are so cool, both of you have amazing personality. If this was about meeting amazing friends, stars across the board.”OUCH again.

At the end of the date, the ladies were not interested.


The Twins are back with Steve Harvey to talk about the date and to hear Steve’s thoughts on how they did.

The twins feel like they gave the date a fare shot as they did not get up and leave. They felt the conversation was amazing friend wise.

Steve tells the twins that he didnot think thjey were as nice as they think they were on the date.

the guys are shown to the ladies they appeared on the date one more time
The guys are shown to the ladies as they appeared on the date one more time


Steve reveals to the Twins that there is more to the gentlemen then what meets the eye. He reveals that makeup was put on the guys to alter their good looks and their wardrobes were adjusted. The hope for the date was that the ladies would see what great men they were on the inside. Steve rubs it in that both guys are not only good looking and fit, but they are also very successful. They bring the guys out and the twins are kind of smiling a little more enthusiastically then the fake smiles they were giving off on the date. Steve kind of rolls his eyes at what the ladies missed out on.

The real Christian
The real Christian
The real John
The real John
Meeting the guys
Meeting the guys


Christine re affirms that he is one of the top real estate professionals in Atlanta.

John re affirms that he is a principle consultant at a technology firm.

The guys are feeling themselves, having walked in the minds of the ladies and revealing how superficial they are. Christian says “The connection was strong its just that they could not get past the exterior part, and they wanted to know everything about what i did and how i did it, i don’t think they could quite see past(what he looked like on the outside) to get to know the real him.”  John says, “I had fun on the date, it was fine to get to know Ty.” John looks at Ty, “i can actually see the type of woman that you are, which is a beautiful woman.” Ty says thank you. John continues, “unfortunately i think you stopped at hello with me, which is fine because i still was trying to give you all those qualities that you possibly could be looking for and i started noticing as the date carried on you started unconsciously talking to me, and therefore our communication was off, and at that point you just started saying things that were unbecoming of a woman.”

John sure read her, even Steve had to spill his cup of water on the floor.

Overall this was an entertaining dating special. Even if the guys met the twins as themselves who knows if they still would have clicked, maybe the twins need to have an intervention on the type of qualities they are looking for in a guy, adding more substance, and maybe they outta go on dates separately so each twin has got their own impression of the date. John and Christine were sure feeling themselves when they sat down with the twins, the way John broke it down to Ty why they didn’t click was amazing. Good to luck to all of them in their pursue of love.






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