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dog-838242_960_720And you thought you had heard it all, well apparently we have not. “Love at first whiff” is the idea behind smell dating, a match making service in New York that hopes you smell your way to love by breathing in odors from 3 day old worn T-shirts.

This concept makes me think of Pheromones, defined as chemicals that are secreted in our sweat and other bodily fluids that are believed to influence the behavior of the opposite sex, such as triggering sexual interest and excitement.

The creators of smell dating are: Artist Tega Brain, who teaches at New York’s School for Poetic Computation, and Sam Lavigne, an editor and researcher at New York University.

The client receives a T-Shirt to wear for three days straight WITHOUT bathing, then they mail the T-Shirt back to Brain and Lavigne’s “Sweat Shop” at NYU, where the T-shirt is cut into swatches. Smell Dating then sends batches of 10 mixed swatches(3 day old T-Shirts) back to the client to sniff.

Rather then the usual, looking at somebody’s picture or asking somebody a couple questions first then if compatible, linking up, if a client finds the smell of a swatch pleasant, and the person whom the swatch belongs to also finds that clients swatch pleasant, then DING DING DING, that would be considered a match.

And of course, the idea is based on the science of pheromones defined above.

All you go by is your nose, you are not made aware of the smell mate’s age, gender or sexual orientation. Like how dogs sniff each others derrière and get a brief biography of it’s new friend, from smell the swatch, i guess you get an idea of the persons cleanliness, how strong of an odor their body releases, and their choice of fragrance if applicable.

Scientists have not yet found the exact chemicals that cue people about mating compatibilty, they say this is because pheromones are not just restricted to armpits(the sweat released from armpits), any bodily fluid could potentially harbor pheromones.

Source:Love is in the armpit at New York’s smell dating.



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