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SENDING MONEY FROM OVERSEAS TO MPESA VIA                                                                           





Hey everyone! Have you heard of the new app called Wave that allows you to send money to Mpesa in the following countries: Tanzania,Kenya,Uganda and Ethiopia from the United States of America.

The phone call came as Julius Maina (last name changed to protect family privacy) was driving home late after a two-shift, 16-hour day.

He didn’t answer at first because he was too tired to bother and on the New Jersey Turnpike there is a “No Texting or Talking on the Phone While Driving” rule.

When the ringing persisted, he checked the caller’s ID in case it was an emergency call from home. At that time of the night, his wife and children should have been fast asleep.

When the number blinked 254 he immediately pulled to the roadside. He had earlier in the day received a text message from his younger brother from Kenya, saying his mother wasn’t feeling well.

“It turned out that my mom had been taken to hospital for treatment and, after a check-up, the doctor had said she needed an urgent operation. But the doctors couldn’t do the procedure until we made a down-payment of Sh40,000, about $500.”

Julius, a Kiambu-born resident of Salem in southern New Jersey, says his brother was calling him because the family was stranded. They couldn’t raise the Sh40,000 and were reaching out to him for help.

“I had the money, but being late in the night, I couldn’t access it as banks were closed,” he said.

It was then that he remembered having heard of an application called Wave that could enable somebody to transfer cash through M-Pesa, just the way it is done back in Kenya.

“A colleague had told me about this app and I had promised her that I’d check it out,” said Julius, adding that it took him about 15 minutes to download the Wave app, install it on his iPhone, transfer money from his Bank of America account using his ATM card, and send it to his brother’s M-Pesa account.

“My brother confirmed he had received the money by the time I was driving off. This Wave thing is real. I believe many Kenyans here in the US need to know about it,” he said.

The M-Pesa money transfer system that was developed jointly in Kenya by Vodafone and Safaricom has taken the world by storm.

To use the wave app all you need is:

1. a mobile phone

2. a debit card

3. download the app


The App available for Android Mobile, iPhone and Tablets works as follows:

User simply signs up for the services using their debit card; the sign up is a one-time-thing and won’t be repeated again. After successfully signing up, users can then start sending money to their families, friends and business associates within Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Currently, only users in US can use the service to send money to East Africa. It is mainly targeting the US diaspora and humanitarian organization operating in the East Africa region.

Here is the link to the google play store and Apple store where the apps can be downloaded


download-1                                       download-2


Video On How It Works:

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