roses are sweet, chocolates are scrumptious, and romantic dinners are amazing but how about a Kidney Transplant trumping them all!



Valentines day is just around the corner and while roses are sweet, chocolates are scrumptious, and romantic dinners are amazing, we go all out on this one day only to neglect a bunch of others days in the year to show our loved ones that they are special us. Well i came across this story of a husband who spent a year dieting and exercising to save his wife’s life with a Kidney Transplant, this is like a 365 kinda love. Read the inspiring story below:

The husbands is PJ Spraggins, and he spent a year losing 70 pounds! so he could donate his kidney to his wife.

For a year, PJ kept losing weight and going in for tests

When Spraggins found out he was a perfect match for his wife Tracy, he was delighted. His wife suffers from lupus, a disease that affects her kidney functions, and she was told that eventually the lupus would kill her if she didnt get a transplant. its been a life long battle for her, she was diagnosed with the chronic inflammatory disease at the age of 6, in 2013 she was put on the transplant list but that could take up to seven years before she could get one. Tracy went through tragedy just a few months after being placed on the transplant list, her sister, only 34 years of age also had lupus and sadly died following complications from a kidney transplant.

The green light that the transplant could be performed

So PJ knowing that the seven year wait might be too long, took a chance and submitted himself to be evaluated whether he could donate his kidney. He found out he was a match, which was more then great, but they had to also check his health to make sure it met the requirements for a transplant to be performed. Shortly after, he was informed that his blood pressure was too high to perform the operation. But love prevails, PJ refused to accept the diagnosis and embarked on a relentless fitness regime.He made sure to do everything to get a perfect reading the next time around.

December 2014, PJ and his wife got the green light, the transplant could be performed! In February, they went under the knife together. PJ said “To know that i did everything i could to give my wife a better quality of life is just the best feeling. I am so happy.”

Such an amazing story, a testament of how deep love can penetrate one’s heart to do such an amazing thing.




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