Tactus technology “Now you see it, now you dont”


img_0408This term used commonly in magic tricks could be used to describe keyboards and how their physical shape is changing with design. My favorite mobile keyboard would be the blackberry’s traditional keyboard, which leaves me questioning why they are trying to change that to that off the iphones flat surface touch screen keyboard. The blackberry’s qwert keyboard i find is a lot more accurate, unlike a touch screen keyboard that does not fit the size of the finger tip quite well, making it easy to press a wrong letter when typing. But now there’s a new keyboard in the works being developed by Tactus technology that looks and does a real cool thing, popping onto the screen when needed,and disappearing completely when not in use. Gummy like soft buttons is what am hoping these keyboard buttons are going to feel like, which might give it an addictive element like trying to pop bubble wrap. i think people are going to take a liking to this new kinda keyboard.

Here is a video below that illustrates the touchscreen at work.

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