Mario Bosco


Adult life in a boy’s body


When looking at Mario, he seems like a typical kid from Brooklyn, but we all know the saying “looks can be deceiving.” Mario now 43 — but inside the body of a 14-year-old child — has a rare condition known as  panhypopituitarism. His pituitary gland was damaged in utero, his gland does not make enough essential growth hormone. Mario spent much of his childhood in and out of hospitals.

Mario When being in this hospital i had to watch my sitcoms. I crawl dsXK94PJup into the bed and I would watch Barney Miller….why? because I wanted to be an actor.

Mario got big parts in movies and on tv, including “NYPD blue” in spite of and because of his size. When doctors suggested that Mario take testosterone to force puberty, he said:

“My life was okay, my career was moving forward, u know they say don’t break something that doesn’t need to be fixed.”

Mario Bosco has a new book out, “From Hopeless to Hollywood.”


Mario has added author to his list of accomplishments, hoping to inspire others, a memoir, “From Hopeless to Hollywood: The Mario Bosco Story,” which documents his journey with panhypopituitarism.



“Am happy being Mario Bosco, this height, this size, this way.”

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