Make a “Google cardboard” or a Virtual Reality Headset


google cardboard

Google cardboard is a box that makes it possible to watch video from any angle, up, down and around. From any phone you download the app for Google cardboard.You just click the app and there are plenty of videos on the app already that will work with your google cardboard.The phone is placed inside the Google cardboard, and all you do is look inside the box and you can look up down and around.You can also purchase the Google cardboard or make it on your own:

How to make it:

materials needed:

A pizzabox or something firm that will be able to hold the phone in place and you should be able to fold it


A pizza box or material that is firm and can be folded that will be able to hold weight of phone.




what you need, a phone


You will of cause need a phone, android, Samsung,iPhone whatever that can operate google cardboard app



a scissors and or x-acto knife google cardboard

velcro to secure phone in place, google cardboard

tape google cardboard rubber band or something to hold cardboad in place when viewing google cardboard optional two strong magnets google cardboard

2 lenses which are essential google cardboard
markers for decorating google cardboard

download the app “Google Cardboard”

download app google cardboard

So i had a hard time finding the template for the google cardboard here:

But i was able to find it here:

I was able to download the file and print the template on A4 paper:

print template goggle cardboard

This is what the template looks like:


Begin to cut

begin to cutout template google cardboard

Cut out template google cardboard

Stick template onto the pizza box/cardboard with tape or glue:

stick template on box google cardboard

sticking the template google cardboard

Begin using your x-acto knife or scissors:

Begin using you x-ecto knife or scissors google cardboard


And you should end up with something like this:

after cutting out tempelate

Follow the fold line:

follow the fold line like so google cardboard

insert lenses:

lenses from old binoculars can be used

insert lenses google cardboard

insert screen divider and use tape to keep it in place:

screen divider google cardboard

insert eye piece above into its slot on the longer piece thats left and secure with tape:

insert the eye piece into its slot google cardboard

It should like this at this point:

it should look like this google cardboard

Begin to fold:

begin to fold google cardboard

begin to fold google cardboard 1

begin to fold google cardboard 2

begin to fold google cardboard 3

secure with tape.

Add velcro so the phone can stay secure when placed inside the box.

add velcro google cardboard

Add magnets, 1 inserted inside the box, and the other on the outside:

adding magnets google cardboard

Sharpies or markers can be used to decorate your google cardboard

phone is placed in google cardboard and secured with rubber band:

phone placed in googlecardboard

And thats it! launch the app and look into your google cardboard

and that it look into your google cardboard

An example of how the app look :

how the app for google cardboard looks

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