Part 1:Leap Frog,How Mobile Phone Technology is Transforming Africa



africa-720920_960_720Leap Frog

Today Africa is on the brink of a great transformation, not only is the continent developing and becoming much richer but its people are learning new ideas and achieving their dreams.

When we think of rich countries and development we think of the path they followed in terms of the industrial revolution,in terms of how the rich countries of today developed gradually in stages to their current status.

But Africa is a completely different story; today the continent is undergoing a radical transformation in which countries are instantly adopting technology and becoming wealthier at the same time.

Instead of following a normal development path where they go through several stages similar to the rich countries to become wealthy, Africa is becoming wealthy in random and amazing leaps through instant adoption of technology.

For example Mobile phones have become almost ubiquitous in African countries, allowing access to the following resources:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Job skills
  • Internet
  • Music
  • Culture
  • Apps

This explosion of technology in mobile Phones is transforming the African Continent.

So what can you do to help transform Africa through the mobile phone?

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