Keeping “Blessers” Away, Protecting Girls and Young Women



PRETORIA, South Africa — The Department of Health plans on launching a campaign that will focus on protecting girls and young women from the dangers they face to their health and overall wellbeing.

This will be a three-year-campaign that will address HIV infection and pregnancy, including sugar daddies who are also referred to as “blessers”.

Those in the age bracket, 15-24 years of age are said to be the most vulnerable and the most at risk.

“Their chances of getting HIV are eight times more than the boys of the same age group because of various factors, and we are launching this program to try and target them,” said Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, the Health Minister.

The campaigns 5 objectives include:

  • Decreasing infections in girls and young women;
  • Decreasing teenage pregnancy;
  • Decreasing sexual and gender-based violence;
  • Keeping girls in school until matric; and
  • Increasing economic opportunities for young women to try and keep them away from sugar daddies a.k.a “blessers”.

The minister also announced the test and treat method that will involve testing a person and treating them. This will follow the new guidelines released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in December 2015.

in June, PrEP(pre-exposure prophylaxis) will be made available to sex workers in 10 sex-worker programs.

The Global Fund has donated R4.2 billion to support South Africa’s HIV and TB responses.



SourceL: AllAfrica



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