Judge Lynn Toler: “20 is for….”



Judge Lynn Toler always has some really good advice and here’s advice she gave to a 20 year old in a recent episode of divorce court. Hope this ignites some fire in you too to go after your passions.

You’re 20[years old]:

  • 20 is for you.
  • 20 is for growth.
  • 20 is for the pursuit of tomorrow that is better then today.
  • 20 is for options.
  • 20 is for passion, and knowledge and enjoyment.
  • 20 is not for continuos compromise. It is not a time to say this is the guy that i gotta make it with because this is the guy that i have, no matter what compromises, no matter what i dont like, i have to put up with it because his my man…
  • 20 is for firing dudes when they dont act right!
  • 20 is for figuring out what you like in certain men[women].
  • 20 is for figuring out what different kind of men are out there, and which ones you wanna keep and which ones you wanna disgard.
  • 20 is not for picking up other peoples clothes, it’s not for sticking it out when you are not enjoying it anymore.
  • 20 is an opportunity to move onward, upward, forward.
  • Get a large life so even if a dude doesant end up init, you still enjoy it.
  • 20 is for creating all of that potential and not just compromising your way into the corner of a closet somewhere woundering what the heck happened?!.
  • On your time off dont be looking into spending time with him, go look and spend time with some books, and your brain to get a new degree……to step forward into some other kind of existence.
  • The bigger your life becomes the smaller your romantic problems appear.


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