Jamie and Nicki: Baby Ava Sarah is here!



So youtube has almost become like cable, i have my channels, my fave that i have saved and watch whenever a new episode or blog is posted. Jamie and Nikki happen to be among my most fave of faves, their videos are so chill, they are just a cool laid back couple. So the most exciting thing happened, they are excited and am just as extactic for them, well their baby girl finally arrived!!!! Yes, she came January 24 and they posted her photo on inst gram and she’s so beautiful!!!! Heres how labor and delivery went based on their birth vlog.

Its 23 Jan, and Nikki is 41 weeks, we see Nikki trying to book an induction massage as Ava  is still taking her precious sweet time coming. She manages to book an appointment, and on their drive to the massage both are so chill and Nikki says to Jamie that she feels like she’s having contractions. Jamie asks Nikki to describe them and she says she feels like a stretch feeling and it seems to go and come back, This was around 2 in the afternoon. Nikki describe how as soon as she feels something is happening, contractions or signs that Ava might be coming and she tells somebody, it seems the symptoms go away after.So she has been trying to keep what she feels to herself and Jamie describes playfully how its annoying that she does that.Jamie though too wishes its contractions as he is so ready to meet his baby girl. As Nikki getting her massage, Jamie confesses that his getting really anxious to meet his baby girl and is beginning to worry about Nikki going through late labor as his been reading stuff that is starting to freak him out.Jamie is just worried about Nikki and just hoping and wishing that labor is as painless as possible for her. He sends a prayer out to God.

Nicki gets out of her massage and described it as being relaxing. She describes how the lady who did the massage on her didnot do her feet as it induces labor, so they are not allowed to.  Jamie like myself is wondering wasn’t that he whole point of the massage to induce labor?! Latoya from Latoya’s life tells Nikki to get dates to try and induce labor so the pick up some at the supermarket. Later that day, in the evening we see Nikki experiencing contractions 4 minutes – 5 minutes apart. Nikki asks if this is when they are suppose to go to the hospital? Nikki thinks she is in labor and Jamie says “i think so too.”She’s smiling because now it means baby Ava is on her way, finally:). She describes the pains as not being so bad, they playfully blame Latoya for Nikki finally going into labor, as she had also taken some evening primrose oil suggested by her and not long after she started experiencing contractions. Nikki asks Jamie if his ready to be a dad and Jamie says “his as ready as he can be,” he continues “i hope so, i think its something we gonna figure out as we go along, we are going to make mistakes,we just going to be accepting of the fact that we gonna make mistakes,and learn from them.” Nikki admits that she is scared, she can’t believe she’s going to be a mom in a few hours!.

Jamie and Nikki are on the phone talking to the nurse and she’s asking them about the time the contractions started,she describes her contractions started at two o’clock in the afternoon, and in the evening she was experiencing them every 5-6 minutes,the nurse asks how long they last for,and Nikki says about a minute, the nurse tells Nikki to stay home a bit longer until contractions come a bit more regularly. Jamie thinks Louis(their dog) is acting panicky that evening,he thinks Louis can sense that there’s a different vibe going on then usual,like something was about to happen.We continue to see Nikki and Jamie waiting for contractions to get closer together till they can go to the hospital, Nikki tries to take deep breaths and Jamie is trying to help her anyway he can. The contractions become stronger and Nikki describes them as intense. We see her doing the breathing exercises and kind of crunched over as contractions intensify.

Its now 5:10 AM, Jan 24TH, Jamie is on the phone describing to the nurse the contractions and says that now they were coming every two and a half minutes to 3 minutes lasting between 40 seconds and 2 minutes, and that they were intensifying. The nurse all annoyingly calm on the phone asks if the water has broken and they say not yet, and we can hear Nikki that she is in real pain now. We can hear Jamie getting impatient waiting for them to just give them the green light to head to the hospital. Finally the nurse gives them the green light and says they should go to the hospital where they will check Nikki out.

Jamie and Nikki head to the hospital, they have not slept yet and It’s very early in the morning. Nikki although now quite in the video as she tries to manage the pains is described by Jamie as handling them like a champ, yes those pains are a b**ch, i  sympathize with our girl Nikki and am there invisibly telling her to breath in and breath out, that its going to be okay. Its 7:30 AM and in the rush to get to the hospital Jamie forgot their STEM LIFE package at home so he has to rush back to get it, a package they need to collect the stem cells from the cord blood. Jamie doesn’t want to miss the labor and hates that he had to leave Nikki on her own.

Jamie manages to make it back to the hospital on time, and we see Nikki still experiencing intense labor pains and she is crunched over the bad.It’s now 3:45 Pm and still no sleep yet, Nikki received an epidural, after having gone thirteen hours straight with no medication,YIKES!. and finally, after 20 hours of labor, Ava Sarah, her final name, arrived and Jamie and Nikki describe her as “absolute perfection.” We hear Ava’s precious cries and see Jamie cut the umbilical cord. We see tears in Nikki’s eyes, probably from joy of experiencing such a beautiful moment, giving birth to life, there is no other feeling like it, its amazing. We see Jamie holding Ava like a natural, such a sweet moment, and he tells her that “there is not going to be a single day that goes by that i don’t tell you i love you.”

 Finally Ava Sarah Perkins is here! Congratulations Jamie and Nikki! Best wishes.

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