Illegal immigration from Mexico has gone down by 40 percent!



It is being reported that illegal Southwest border crossings were down 40% last month, this is according to released Customs and Border Protection numbers.

Is this a sign that President Donald Trump’s hard line talk and approaches on immigration, might be making people so fearful that they no longer are seeking to come to the US?.

According to the custom and border protection data, the 40% drop in illegal Southwest border crossings from January to February is actually far outside ordinary regular patterns. Usually what they see is actually an increase of border crossing by 10 – 20 percent from January to February.

This change in immigration pattern will be monitored as it is still too early to give all credit to the Trump effect. Also during the winter, it Is noted that illegal crossings tend to decrease and they pick up again into the spring months.

One of the criticism of former Us President Obama was that he was not tough enough, so does this show that it takes tough language on immigration supported by policy to finally get the message across to undocumented immigrants, and stop them in their tracks from making that difficult and financially steep journey to the border?.

DHS has likewise also noticed that smugglers called “coyotes” have increased their prices to take people to the border and these prices range within the thousands of dollars.

Officials who support Trumps stand on immigration say that it aids in reducing people using fraudulent documents, and they feel that legitimate refugees will still be able make their way to the US, but adversaries of Trump’s policies say his actions for the most part harm vulnerable people like women and children that the US system is designed to protect.

Crossing the border is not easy and it’s not cheap, and once border officials catch undocumented immigrant trying to cross, under Trump, there’s no more capture and release but instead a quick deportation back to where they came from, this is also playing a part in decreasing peoples want to try come to US.

Tackling the immigration problem does not only depend on tough immigration policies that are creating so much fear in people, that they are even unable to drive to drop their kids at school because they are scared that the cops will stop them and discover they are undocumented.

Aren’t undocumented immigrants also human beings just trying to create a better life for their kids? and one cannot believe that it is actually being considered to separate children from their parents in detention as an extreme way to send a message to would-be immigrants. Like what’s going on in our world guys?.

Love Trumps Hate.


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