robot-312208_960_720The latest most advanced humanoid robot from Honda.


We have robots doing a lot of jobs that we humans don’t want to do, can’t do, or simply can’t do as well as our robotic counterparts. Around the world bodiless robot arms assemble cars, delicately place candies into their boxes, and do all sorts of tiresome jobs.

Many of us grew up watching robots on tv or in the movies, who remembers the show Jetsons and their house keeper robot Rosie?. Honda engineers have been busy creating the ASIMO robot for more then 20years. What makes ASIMO the most advanced humanoid robot to date?

The Honda Motor Company developed ASIMO. ASIMO which stands for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility,” and is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. According to the ASIMO website, ASIMO is the first humanoid robot in the world that can walk independently and climb stairs.

In addition to ASIMO’s impressive ability to walk like we do, it can also understand preprogrammed gestures and spoken commands and recognize voices and faces. ASIMO has arms and hands so it can do things like turn on light switches, open doors and carry objects and push carts.

Rather then building a robot that would be another toy, Honda wanted to create a robot that would be a helper for people. A robot that would help around the house, help the elderly, or help someone confined to a wheelchair or bed.

ASIMO doesnot have a big or menacing like appearance, at 4 feet 3 inches(1.3meters) his appearance is likened to that of a “kid wearing a space suit.” ASIMO’s friendly appearance, and non threatening size works well for the purpose Honda had in mind when creating it.

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