Holograms Have Finally Arrived!



virtual-reality-1220293_960_720META GLASSES: The first holographic, see-through display that allow users to see, create and interact with digital objects shown in physical space. The company is envisioning a world that no longer isolates people with flat screens, but rather, brings them together and allows seamless interaction and collaboration between digital objects overlaid on the real world. Meta’s SDK has attracted over a thousand development groups who are building gaming applications and professional applications in the areas of medical simulation, data visualization, architectural visualization and industrial design.

META GLASSES was the first to do it, and then followed MICROSOFT HOLOLENS
Halolens from Microsoft
Coming out the first quater of this year(2016) for developers. It looks like it’s a virtual reality headset but it’s not, this is what they call “augmented reality.”
You put on a headset and a special pair of digital glasses, that puts a digital presentation on top of the real environment that you are in. You can use it to play games, e.g ‘Mimecraft,’ You can go somewhere you have never been before and examine it from every angle. With HoloNoted in Skype, friends and colleagues can help you with difficult tasks. You can create your own holograms and share them with others.
The possibilities seem endless for what one can do with this device, I mean even I have to admit it’s pretty cool. Still the price of these is pretty high($3,000!) yikes!. I wonder if its endless possibilities are going to be enough to entice people to purchase them regardless of the steep price? Hmm let’s wait and see.


Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms

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