Gruesome! Swallowed Whole By a Python!


Warning: This video is graphic



JAKARTA, Indonesia — The video, a very shocking one displays a python’s stomach being cut open. Inside the snakes abdomen is the lifeless body of a man who had been swallowed by the massive 7m-long snake.

The victim, a man from Indonesia who had gone missing, his fellow villagers were worried and went out searching for him. They were not prepared for what they found, a shocking site, for their missing pal was in the stomach of a 7m-long python who had swallowed him whole!.

His name was Akbar Salubiro, and he still had on his boots, shorts and a t-shirt when he was cut from the exposed belly of the beast.

The snake was found in Salubiro’s backyard, it was killed, its head chopped off and the remaining body cut open with an 18-inch hunting knife.

The 25-year-old was a plantation worker, he vanished after he set off for work gathering palm oil in a remote town on the island of west sulawesi, Indonesia, on Sunday night. Sulawesi is described as a heavily forested island that has undergone a major expansion of palm oil plantations over the last decade.

When he didn’t return home concerned friends and relatives began looking for him the following night.

They found the very full snake laying out in Akbar’s back garden on Monday night at 10 pm – and feared that he had been suffocated and swallowed.

Locals gathered round as one man used an 18-inch long hunting knife to slice open the snake – and found Akbar inside still in tact but lifeless.

The astonishing video below shows the corpse being slowly removed from the killer reptile as the leathery skin is peeled away.

Villagers had heard shouting the day of the attack but assumed it was simply someone hunting pigs, because no one had cried for help.

The reticulated python, said to be the world’s longest snakes and longest reptiles and among the three heaviest snakes, can grow large and powerful enough to kill and swallow an adult human. This is said to be a rare case in which a python has succeeded in swallowing its human victim.




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