The Idris to Wema’s eye: Wema and Idris

Idris to Wema
You know love is a funny thing, when it takes a hold of you boy are you in for a ride. Long gone are the days of Mr Platinum and Wema, i guess he is in his own happy relationship too. Funny how sometimes we can think we have met the ‘one,’ declaring all sorts of wemasepetu to idrismaddening statements about how you complete each other, how this person was made just for you and then one day this same person becomes unfamiliar territory. Instead of love, you despise them, cant imagine what you saw in them and wish em dead, sometimes. But love, the sneaky bastard finds its way back to your heart, “stay cold as long as you want but i will warm you up eventually.” You can decide to ignore him when he comes knocking on your door but you cannot shutdown the organ that gives rise to the love we feel inside, it’s always seeking a somebody. All the best to Wema and Idris.



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