Could the next antibiotic be found in beards?



The study, published in the journal of hospital infection says that beards can actually be bad for your health, they harbor a lot of bacteria, but scientists say it could also help in the development of new antibiotics.
When you have hair right below your mouth, food and other stuff get stuck inside there which become bacteria, and if you have a dense beard it’s even harder to clean it up, and bacteria can remain hidden there.
What scientists found interesting is that the bacteria were competing for space, and these bacteria were producing molecules that were killing the other bacteria. And scientists are beginning to see this as a source of new antibiotics. We haven’t had a new antibiotic in 30years and antibiotics we have now are becoming less and less effective. Scientist are looking for new sources of antibiotics and this could be a potential new area where we could see an antibiotic out of these molecules that are being made by the bacteria.

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Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal
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