Boston Dynamics’ newest Robodog: SpotMini


BOSTON DYNAMICSBoston Dynamics has released a video of its latest robot: SpotMini.

SpotMini is a four-legged robot that weighs just 55lbs and has an all electric locomotion system.

It is one of the quietest robots Boston Dynamics has ever built.

In the past, the company used gas engines and hydraulics in its robots, making loud, outdoor-only bots that sounded like dirtbikes or chainsaws.

The goal with the SpotMini seems to have been to build a robot quiet enough, small enough, and clean enough that it can be used as a house robot.

In the video, the robot shows off its flexibility, being able to duck under tables and also maneuver its way around a corner.  It even has an attachable arm that lets it do useful things like placing dishes in the dishwasher and picking up a soda can and putting it in the trash.

In typical Boston Dynamics’ tradition, the company also abuses the robot a bit, throwing a few banana peels in its way. Watch what happens to the robot when this occurs:

According to the video’s YouTube description, SpotMini will run for 90 minutes on a charge. It

“performs some tasks autonomously but often uses a human for high-level guidance.”


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