Are you willing to bet on your marriage to get your dream wedding day?



Well a new start up is hoping to lure in couples ready to tie the knot with an offer that they can’t refuse.

A Seattle based start-up, “SwanLuv” is going to give couples up to $10,000 in cash to use to sponsor their dream wedding.

There is no such thing as free money, so the catch is if you ever get divorced,within six months or 25 years, you must pay them back — with interest.

039_3888x2592_all-free-download.com_18102988The interest rate depends on the odds of newlyweds staying together and using data from the application. Co-founder Scott Avy won’t reveal the couple-selection criteria or the interest range. He said simply that the number “won’t be too crazy.”

But Swanluv, he said, won’t directly profit from heartbreak. Cash from divorces will cover someone else’s future nuptials.

The idea came to Avy when a recently engaged roommate complained about wedding costs. He thought: Why should money stand in the way of love? “Swans, they mate for life,” said Avy, a product manager at Expedia by day. “That’s what we’re trying to get behind, everlasting marriage.”

People, however, don’t always mate for life like swans. People have to deal with mortgages, child support, divorce attorney fees — so on top of that, does Swanluv really want to slap people with a failed marriage bill?

“We’re not forcing anyone to sign up,” Avy said. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve gotten hundreds of emails telling me how meaningful this is.”

He wouldn’t say whether Swanluv has attracted investors, or how many couples will receive a check once the company officially launches in February. The contracts, he added, include a clause that charges only one partner if abuse ends a marriage.

As much as nobody is being forced to apply to SwanLuv, nobody is also forced to have these big extravagant weddings. I mean its great to have strong faith that your marriage will last, but you never really know what can happen in the future, marriage takes work, a lot of work!. This business is trying to profit from the high divorce rate in our generation they may even encourage people who are not ready for marriage to get married because that $10,000 is so enticing.

So would you bet on your marriage?

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