A Young Scientist in the Making Designs a Unique Sleeping Bag for the Homeless



Emily Duffy, a young Irish teen, designed a rain and fireproof sleeping bag for the homeless. And she is giving the homeless the opportunity to earn a living by hiring them to make the bags.

Emily spent a day as a homeless person on the streets of Dublin to raise money for charity, and the experience inspired her to invent the innovative sleeping bag. She told IrishTimes, ““I wanted to develop a sleeping bag that would solve some of the problems with existing cloth bags,” said Emily, a third year student who is participating in her third Young Scientist event.

The invention is being called the”Duffily bag” and they are described to have a highly reflective, fire retardant and water proof shell. Instead of zippers, Velcro straps have been implemented allowing the bag to be easily accessible and if an emergency occurs the Velcro straps allow the person to exit the bag quickly. The bags are being made by the homeless people and they are earning $10 an hour at the Mendicity institution- a homeless service Center in Dublin.

Below we can see how the bag functions:

It is lightweight
Velcro openings
reflective strips to increase visibility at night
an added pouch which can be used to keep clothing or footwear dry and this doubles as a pillow when folded over for sleep.


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