A restaurant owner notices a lot of homeless people rummaging through the trash for food and decides to put a fridge outside where they can get access to food 24 hrs a day.



A restaurant owner in India found a way to not only not be wasteful, but also a way to help the homeless in her community.  Minu Pauline, owner of Pappadavada in Kochi, India noticed a number of homeless people who would pass her restaraunt and instead go rummaging through trash cans in search of food. Pauline was moved by this scene and decided to install a fridge outside the restaurant. This fridge contains excess food that the homeless can access 24 hrs a day.

The fridge even has a name, “nanma maram” meaning “tree of goodness.” Other people were moved by Pauline’s idea and they contribute towards the fridge, donating whatever they have not eaten.

Pauline realized how much food was being wasted by society including her restaraunt. “Money is yours but resources belong to society,” Pauline said.“If you’re wasting your money, it’s your money, but you’re wasting the society’s resources. Don’t waste the resource, don’t waste the food.”

The fridge is left unlocked and unsupervised for 24hours and anybody who is in need can access it.

It is reported that the fridge feeds dozens of people every night.

Source: independent

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