A Football Pitch Powered by Footsteps



A new song by Akon “Tell Me We’re OK”, featuring DJ Hardwerk, tackles the issue of energy poverty and contains footage from Africa’s first football pitch that generates power from the sun and from humans.

The pitch was built by British entrepreneur Laurence Kemball-Cook, whose firm Pavegen specializes in producing energy from footsteps. It’s technology converts kinetic energy into electricity. It uses more than 90 underground Pavegen tiles that capture kinetic energy from the footsteps of players which, alongside solar panels, power the floodlights.

It is estimated that one billion people around the world are unable to access electricity.

“I was one of the kids who grew up using kerosene for cooking,” Akon said. “It was all we had. But it’s hard for anyone to develop in a state of darkness.

“Darkness brings you down.”

In 2014, Akon started a project to provide electricity in 15 African countries, “Akon Lighting Africa Project“.

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