A cool Device That Charges Your IPhone While it Floats in Mid-Air



Could charging with wires, and gravity be a thing of the past? Well through this cool tech device, you could soon be charging your phone while its suspended in the air.

How this occurs: The OvRcharge device is made of wood and has two functions Magnetic levitation and wireless charging. The charger has a phone case that features an induction receiver and a magnet.

The casing appears to be fairly standard, though whether the magnet can be detached and allow the case to be used externally isn’t clear.

Interestingly, when the battery does reach capacity, the charging will stop and the phone will continue to levitate and spin slowly.

AR designs, the people behind this magic like device say they will offer cases for the most popular smartphones (Apple and Samsung), but others will have to find some sort of third party solution.

Currently they have already passed the halfway mark of their $40 000 goal.

Source: Kickstarter

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